Webinar: Automating Common Tasks

Emails, responding to chat messages, scheduling meetings, reviewing content, addressing repetitive questions .....these are all tasks we often perform in our work lives.

How can we be more productive through automation?

Thanks to innovation and technology 😊, automating common tasks no longer need a huge budget nor extraordinary technical skills.

Join us on this webinar as we discuss how we can manage our time more effectively, by leveraging some popular tools, and simple processes to automate these tasks, so that we can spend time on the things that can make a bigger impact in our work performance. 👍 

Automating Common Tasks

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Jim Wagstaff Pic October 2019


Your Host: Jim Wagstaff

This webinar will be led by Jim, who is an experienced facilitator and public speaker. He has developed and delivered countless learning and enablement programmes, both in-person and virtually. 


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