Exclusive Offer for New Educators

Experience Our Exclusive Institutional Trial 

Are you a new educator looking to innovate your teaching approach? Noodle Factory specifically invites new educators embarking on their academic careers in schools and universities to experience our AI teaching assistant platform through an exclusive institutional trial.

It's your opportunity to evaluate firsthand how our platform can assist in achieving your educational goals.

Success in Action

Get inspired by stories of institutions that have transformed the educational experience with our AI teaching assistant.

Not Part of an Institution or Just Exploring?

If you're not ready for an institutional trial or the offer doesn't apply to you, there's still a world of possibilities with Noodle Factory.

For everyone, joining Noodle Factory opens doors to enhancing education. Whatever your role or interest, discover how our AI can make a difference.

Your Chosen Plan vs The Institutional Trial

Explore the perks: With our exclusive trial, experience seamless LTI integration and our remarkable rubric-based AI essay grading capability. 

Classroom Pro




Classroom Pro


Teacher AI toolkit
Document summarisation
Up to 100 documents
Automated learning outcomes
Automated tutoring pathways
AI-generated assessments
Up to 50 assessments
AI grading
Increased document size limits
Multiple teacher access
Up to 5 educators
Unlimited document uploads
Unlimited user access
LTI integrations
Rubric-based AI essay grading

A Quick Access Check

To ensure this opportunity reaches its intended audience, please note this trial is specifically designed for new educators who are yet to experience Noodle Factory's platform.

Existing users, including teachers and students, should reach out to their school's Learning Success Specialist for assistance.