If you are a working professional, chances are you have to deliver presentations from time to time. Whether it is for a customer meeting, internal presentation, or to a large audience, there is a specific set of concepts and guidelines you can follow to ensure that your message is delivered effectively every time. 

The course objectives are to

  • Understand the core skills needed to deliver effective and powerful presentations
  • Learn how to design your content by using 3 different framing techniques
  • Harness your voice and body language to engage your audience
  • Analyse your presentation skills and identify areas for enhancement


Awesome stuff you will receive from this workshop:

  • Small class format (maximum of 8 attendees per workshop)
  • Digital, on-demand courses. Get full access to Manager 365 library.
  • Video recording of yourself delivering a presentation
  • Mentoring -  'Ask a mentor' anytime you need.


9am - 5pm 

Price per participant: S$599


Course Outline

  1. Core Presentation Skills
    Introduction to the core skills needed for effective presentations.

  2. Destination Planning
    • Plan for the destination of your presentation
    • Understand what key questions you need to ask yourself when preparing for any presentation

  3. Presentation Design
    • Understand the different framing techniques
    • Use the framing techniques to design your presentation effectively
  4. Delivering Powerful Presentations
    • Harness your voice to your advantage
    • Using body language effectively to engage your audience
    • Analyse your own live presentation and gain insight on improvement areas 


Feel free to contact us at marketing@jamfactory.net if you have any questions.


Hi. I'm Jim. Nice to meet you.

Jim Wagstaff

Managing Director

Jim has been a part of the information technology sector for more than 25 years and has had the opportunity to manage diverse businesses in many different parts of the world while serving in various roles at companies such as Hewlett Packard, Dell, and Brocade Communications. He loves working with clients to help them identify their business and learning objectives and recommend strategies. He has designed many training programmes for different customers across various industries.

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