To many non-finance professionals, the topic of finance might seem somewhat foreign. Yet, it is often important for any working professional to have a basic understanding of key financial concepts so as to be more effective in their roles.  This course is perfect for anyone who wants to gain a good foundation on financial concepts. 

The course objectives are to

  • Learn the key financial functions throughout the organisation
  • Gain knowledge on key financial information contained in financial accounts
  • Learn how to use financial analysis as part of your decision-making process
  • Recognise the importance of budgeting in achieving business success
  • Be able to read, understand and use information found on key financial documents


Awesome stuff you will receive from this workshop:

  • Small class format (maximum of 12 attendees per workshop)
  • Digital, on-demand courses. Get full access to Manager 365 library.
  • Mentoring -  'Ask a mentor' anytime you need.


9am - 6pm 

Price per participant: S$399


Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Finance
    Understand why it is essential for non-finance managers to understand finance

  2. Financial Analysis
    • Understand when and why financial analysis is important
    • Learn where to find information to perform a financial analysis
    • Use financial analysis as part of your decision-making process

  3. Balance Sheets, Ratios, Cash Flow, Income Statements, Annual Reports
      • Understand the different key financial concepts
      • Learn how to read the different financial documents and apply it to the business

  4. Business and Financial Planning
    • Know what to include in a financial plan
    • Understand what sections a business plan should include
    • How to prepare an annual budget

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